On the way home


October 19, 2000…..Laughlin, Nevada Riverside RV Park

The wind today was the worst we’ve driven in. Rick had a ‘death grip’ on the wheel all day. Laughlin and a little relaxation sounded pretty good.

We both won a hundred dollars playing nickel Monopoly. We each must of played for 3 or 4 hours on the same machine. That was fun! We allow ourselves a certain amount of money, consider it entertainment and when that’s gone we leave. It was nice for once that we didn’t have to leave in a half hour! (Grin)

October 20, 2000…..Hemet, CA HOME!

It seems strange to be in our ‘other’ home now. It’s not nearly as cozy…we can’t hear each other easily. Now it takes a walk to talk! But there were sweet hugs to collect and a special birthday party to attend. And everything here looks wonderful…which is always a relief. And soon there will be a fire in the fireplace and friends and family to gather around it. We are content. (At least until the road calls again)

Our son has been posting this site for us (A wonderful gift from a wonderful son) but now it’s time for us to learn how to do it…from the expert. We will add things from time to time…practicing. Hopefully by next April, when we are back on the road, we can swing this all on our own.

To those of you that ‘traveled’ with us…Our ‘silent convoy’ on the web and to the friends we met along the way…thank you for the pleasure of your company…it added so much joy to our travels.

Yesterday we went up in the hills and took a look over our valley.




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