Flagstaff, AZ The J&H RV Park

Lest you think I was joking about the ‘flat’ landscape I captured a picture of local wildlife in situ. Hummmm…I wonder what that pile is behind him ?10_18_dinosaur

Flagstaff is a pretty little mountain town and the signs all over this RV park are humorous. This is the one as you drive in.


I overheard an amazing conversation this morning. One couple asked the other where their ‘home’ was located. They said “We live in the motorhome.” Yes, but when you finally light…where is that? “Where ever we are is home!” You mean” said the first couple, with mouths hanging open…”You mean you don’t have a real home…you live like gypsies?”

Someone in an RV park that had NEVER heard of full timers!


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