Oklahoma city

October 10, 2000…..Oklahoma City, OK Rockwell RV Park

It’s not as cold but the wind made for a bit of a bouncy ride. We may just stay here a few days and let the storm that’s headed this way come to us instead of visa versa. AND it gives us the excuse to see the woodcarving show on Saturday. I love it when a plan comes together

October 14, 2000 Oklahoma City, OK

We went to the woodcarving show that was being held at a Quail Springs Mall. Came across Phil and Vicki Bishop…a couple of the top carvers of caricatures in the United States. They had won the carving contest today…looked like a sweep!

Phil was the instructor at Creede that Rick liked so much…a really superb teacher. Here he is ‘hamming it up’ for the camera!10_14_bishops


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