October 6, 2000…..Boonville, MO

It’s warm and cozy inside but outside it’s 35 degrees and not dark yet. Burrrr! Winter is chasing our tail!

October 7, 2000…..Emporia, KS Emporia RV Park

Before we left Boonsville this morning we took in the annual ‘Festival of Leaves and Pork Fest!’ ( I love that name) It’s always interesting to see how the region impacts what is for sale. Here they tend more toward home canned goods and Christmas ornaments of Santa riding on a little tractor!

October 8, 2000…..Emporia, KS

It was 20 degrees when we got up this morning. I found it IS possible to dress in 60 seconds or less! (Grin)

We stayed over because Rick wants to go into Wichita in the morning to Rossiters and pick up more wood for carving. That’s a fascinating place…you have to wend your way past machinery and piles of sawdust to get to a little back room. There they store the finished ‘rough outs’…a block of wood that has some pieces cut away. What’s left is the ‘crude outline’ of a figure. It always amazes me that Rick can use the same rough out and make such a different figure appear out of it every time.

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