Mendon, IL


It’s still raining…but this time a gentle rain. We stayed over for the day. Since they didn’t have a computer hook-up at the campground we went into town to find a place to send. Found there was no Kinkos (where they will let you hook up for E-mail at no cost) We Located the library but the connections didn’t work. In desperation Rick finally stopped at a Hampton’s Inn and the manager unhooked his fax machine and let him use that…Bless the kindness of strangers! You do see the most interesting things along the way! I like flamingos…but this does look a tad like overkill. Actually I think it was someone’s birthday…cause a sign on the lawn said “You’ve been flamingoed!”10_5_flamingos


October 6, 2000…..Boonville, MO

It’s warm and cozy inside but outside it’s 35 degrees and not dark yet. Burrrr! Winter is chasing our tail!

October 7, 2000…..Emporia, KS Emporia RV Park

Before we left Boonsville this morning we took in the annual ‘Festival of Leaves and Pork Fest!’ ( I love that name) It’s always interesting to see how the region impacts what is for sale. Here they tend more toward home canned goods and Christmas ornaments of Santa riding on a little tractor !

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