Happy Thanksgiving !

This is a day to express our gratitude for all the things with which we have been so blessed. And Rick and I have a heart full of those blessings.

But this Thanksgiving we have reason to be especially thankful. Last night we came home and interrupted a burglary in progress. Apparently they heard us drive into the garage and ran out the front door. They had just started and so our loss was limited to a necklace that had great sentimental value…a gift from my dad to my mother and our extra key ring which has the not only the keys to the house but the vehicles. So, while our evening ended with police searches with drawn guns and fingerprints and photographs what it ‘didn’t’ end with…was us hurt or worse.

And so today we gave special thanks for all those ‘ordinary’ blessings that fill our lives and for those blessings that we sometimes don’t even recognize for what they are!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

Judy and Rick

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