Aztec Indians

We got to experience a very rare event today. The Aztec Indians traveled to the Chimney Rock archaeological site 17 miles south of Pagosa Springs, Colorado for their first dance on this sacred spot. They joined their ‘cousin tribes’ in this area for an extraordinary day of dance.

An eagle circled the site before the ceremony began. A sign to the Aztec Indians as well as many other tribes that this event was blessed.

Their regalia was magnificent and the dance very moving. Sacred smoke is offered in each direction by two women whose duty it is to care for it. They asked that we not photograph except for our personal use so I can’t share pictures of the dancers.

We noticed before the ceremony that each performer is blessed by it as well. Their prayers rise with the smoke. And the dance is like a living prayer.



At one point they asked us to join them in the dance and the entire audience rose and began to dance. It was a very ‘freeing’ experience even if Rick and I were the world’s slowest Indians. It’s lucky this wasn’t a war dance. The whole war would have been over before we finished up! (grin)

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